• Pest Management

  • Pest Management

     Arizona has a distinct home for Desert Dwellers….(Pests).  The activity will vary as do the habits of said PESTS.  The seasons change in our specific market and the need for YEAR ROUND SERVICE is the key to a successful Pest Management System for your home or business.

    Spring:  Spring is the time when insects strive to increase their populations, so Jax Pro Pest is focused on material application that reduces reproduction. The treatment focuses on the exterior of the structure where insects live and breed, plus entry points into the living space.

    Summer:   Increased insect populations eat voraciously during the summer. Why do we see more of them in the summer? Because insects can move faster during the summer, they are less afraid of predators which are more likely to be seen.

    Fall:  Young insects are maturing and all pests are building up their reserves for the winter and are actively seeking harborage. Because they are slowing down, insects are more vulnerable to predation. Your home is a desirable insect retreat.

    Winter:  During the winter, insects hide and reserve energy so that they can increase their chances of surviving until Spring. Because your home is an ideal insect retreat, the technician’s focus is on eradicating insects that are taking refuge inside the home.

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